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  • Living for the Future


    Are you Living in the Past or Living with the Future in Mind?

    Are you living your life with your attention firmly rooted in the past or solely with your vision of the future in mind? Or, are you simply stuck, not daring to look back on a past that might be painful; or too fearful to consider something new or different, whether it be a new way of living from a social or a cultural perspective?

    When we are young our parents give us rules to live our lives by. These can help give us a direction; and as we grow we are generally given increasingly more opportunities to make our own decisions. However, sometimes there are differences of opinion and conflicts.


  • Is it envy or jealousy?

    In the world of psychotherapy we distinguish between ‘envy’ and ‘jealousy’.

    As the reader, check out the energy within your own body and compare how you feel with each of the examples below:

    When you have something that I like, and I also want to have that characteristic or achievement, I would regard this as envy, and think it is perfectly acceptable to say something like: (more…)

  • Friendship

    Maria, an intelligent, mature, respectable, well dressed and attractive woman, sat in front of me. With a gesture attempting to portray courage, she looked at me in the eye and declared: “I have no women friends, I have never had them and I don’t need them.”

    As I listened to her, I felt deeply sad and somewhat confused. More than anything, I was engulfed by an almost uncontrollable curiosity. Like autumn leaves that are blown by the wind in all directions, so were my questions revolving around my mind. (more…)

  • Living With Passion

    Can you imagine waking up one morning and, just for a moment, feeling you do not have any responsibilities?

    Leaving space for the day to unfold itself… we all have to make decisions at all hours of the day, and sometimes even through our dreams during the night …. imagine that our lives could be carried out with an attitude free of negative thoughts especially about ourselves … … …

    The harsh winter has arrived. Now the family needs more clothing. We need more time to get ready and go to work, study or whatever we have to do outside the home.


  • A Dream Come True

    In addition to my experience as a Trager Practitioner, I have also been working as a psychotherapist and counsellor at a social service agency in London Ontario since 2000.

    As you well know, our emotions are stored not only in our minds but in our bodies. Or as Milton put it:

    What keeps the body restricted is not a true physical block, but a mental pattern block. It is the MIND that unconsciously directs the function of the body.

    There have been many a time when, during a psychotherapy or counselor session, I have invited the client to do certain movements and/or breathing in order for them to relax, feel their body, ground and eventually gain a different perspective of the situation they perceived as conflictive. (more…)