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What is Bioenergetics?

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What is Bioenergetic Analysis

Bioenergetics symbol Bioenergética símboloBioenergetic Analysis is a body-based form of psychotherapy.  As the therapist listens to the clients’ stories, s/he is also paying attention to what their body is unconsciously expressing that words are not.  The teachings of Dr. Alexandre Lowen, its founder, showed how over time, we develop energetic blocks as a form of defense against our emotional pain.  Unresolved fear, grief and trauma can cause us to have uncontrolled anger explosions, feel extreme shame, get depressed or be highly afraid.  These emotions can impair our daily lives in all kinds of situations.  Focusing on the client as a whole, this form of therapy uses bioenergetic exercises along with verbal interaction in order to facilitate a smooth energetic flow in the clients. Thus they are invited to lead a fuller, healthier life.

Bioenergetic exercises are an exceptional way to encourage the participant to work through life issues by combining movement, breath and verbal communication.