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How Bioenergetic Psychotherapy Unlocks the Feelings Carried in Your Body

“When I am grounded, I feel the vastness of my inner Self.  My relationship to the people around me are real and harmonious.  When I am grounded, I can hold on to my Self and not hold back.  Bioenergetics teaches me how to ground.”


Are you wondering how to make this Holiday Season special without completely loosing your mind and /or your Self?
What about asking your self: “What could be easier, freer, truer, what can be really meaningful for me and my loved ones this year?
I find that when I am feeling overwhelmed and confused, I literally have to stop or I loose the last ray of joy in my soul.  I have to BREATH and GROUND in order to find the right direction.

Bioenergetic Analysis & Exercises

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Bioenergetic Exercises are a unique exercise form, based in Bioenergetic Analysis, which integrate the body and mind through movement.