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“I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying having you in my living room each evening by way of the Trager DVD. It is a great DVD. It must be good because the cat lies beside me and yawns. He must find it as relaxing as I do.”  

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Divided into three segments for user friendly use: morning, day and pre-bed time segments

Price: $30.00 (shipping included)

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It is beautiful, Adela. I listen to the instructions as I do the wake up and go to bed routine on a yoga mat in front of the fireplace with the warmth of your instructions and the heat from the gas logs pouring over me.”

… I LOVE YOUR DVD!!! Your voice alone is sooo soothing.

I think my favorite suggestion (right now) is “OH, WHAT THE HECK!”

Thank you for your gift of relaxation that I can have anytime I choose!