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About Adela


Having been born in Mexico and lived in 3 different countries, Adela Gorodzinsky, MEd, CBT, has enjoyed international education. She is fluent in Spanish, English and Hebrew.

Adela has been a Certified Bioenergetic Analyst since 2008. Her passion for and interest in body movement has stimulated her to continue developing her practice in a creative and nurturing way.

Adela leads weekly Movement classes, which focus on relaxation through gentle movement. As well as being a Mentastics Teacher, Adela is also an Introductory Trager Workshop Leader and a Trager Tutor.

She originally studied Physical Education and she has extensive experience with Yoga and the Feldenkrais® Method.

Adela now has a holistic practice where, in addition to practising the Trager Approach, she is also able to use her training in Psychotherapy, Counselling, Bioenergetic Analysis and Cranial Sacral Therapy when working with clients. Based on her work with Latin American refugees in Canada, Adela has presented a workshop “From Fear and Chaos to Re-alignment and Peace”, at an International Bioenergetic Conference in Spain in May of 2007.

“Bioenergetic Analysis is a part of my overall business – Healing in Process. My interest in Bioenergetic Analysis represents a culmination of 30 years of studies in movement (kinetics) and its effect on the psychological well-being of the individual.

As an exercise instructor and a therapist, my work in Bioenergetic Analysis allows me to share with my students this very special process of connecting the mind and the body. I thrive on the challenge of individualizing the program for each student within a class setting.”