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About Adela


Having been born in Mexico and lived in three different countries, Adela Gorodzinsky, RP, M.Ed, CCC, CBT, TIRF, has enjoyed an international education. She is fluent in Spanish, English and Hebrew.

Adela has been a Certified Bioenergetic Analyst since 2008 and thrives on two main passions: Family peace and harmony, and the body/mind connection. An interest in body movement has stimulated Adela to continue developing her practice in a creative and nurturing way.

Adela is a local Bioenergetic trainer and a Clinical Supervisor. She leads weekly Movement classes, which focus on identifying the sensations in our bodies and the interpretations we give them. This process can encourage participants to figure out how to express their emotions in a clear and healthy way, leading us to feel authentic and relaxed.

Adela’s undergraduate degree was in physical education. She also delved deeply into the Feldenkrais® Method and different kinds of yoga. Thereafter, she studied the Trager® Approach and became a Trager practitioner, Introductory Trager workshop leader, Mentastics® teacher and Trager tutor. She also published the DVD “Trager ® Mentastics® a 1-2-3 guide for letting go.” These varied learnings continue to inform Adela in her clinical work to this day.

Adela practices from a holistic perspective, integrating her Psychotherapy, Counselling, Bioenergetic Analysis, Traumatic Incident Reduction, and Circle of Security parenting program trainings when working with clients. Based on her work with Latin American refugees in Canada, Adela has presented the workshop “From Fear and Chaos to Re-alignment and Peace,” at the International Bioenergetic Conference in Spain and “Triple Trauma” at a subsequent International Bioenergetic Conference in Toronto, ON.

As a local Bioenergetics trainer, Adela has co-led several trainings and online psychotherapy groups, and she is the coordinator of a workshop series entitled, “Cultivating Vitality through Bioenergetic Therapy.” She was one of the two keynote speakers at the Bioenergetic Conference in Essex, Mass, USA in 2022, giving the talk, “Do You Know Your Gender?”

“Bioenergetic analysis is a part of my overall business – Healing in Process. My interest in Bioenergetic analysis represents a culmination of 40 years of studies in movement (Kinetics) and its effect on the psychological well-being of the individual.

As an exercise instructor and a therapist, my work in Bioenergetic Analysis allows me to share with my students this very special process of connecting the mind and the body. I thrive on the challenge of individualizing the program for each student within a class setting.”