Living With Passion

Can you imagine waking up one morning and, just for a moment, feeling you do not have any responsibilities?

Leaving space for the day to unfold itself… we all have to make decisions at all hours of the day, and sometimes even through our dreams during the night …. imagine that our lives could be carried out with an attitude free of negative thoughts especially about ourselves … … …

The harsh winter has arrived. Now the family needs more clothing. We need more time to get ready and go to work, study or whatever we have to do outside the home.

How many times we have turned around the house looking for winter boots that we do not remember where we kept last year? Where did we store the gloves, the hat that our three year old child took last year?  Does it still fit?  He has to take it to school today, yikes! “Where is …. we listen to ourselves to ask, Where is …? “Hurry up!  It is getting late, you will miss the bus!  we yell at our teeneager to do up the jacket of he/she may get sick!!!

For those fortunate enough to have a home, preparing to leave is not so simple! Now that we are warm, if we leave in the car, we have to clean the snow! Well, here we go, shovelling away and in a few minutes, the sweat pours out and we want to remove all clothing that took us so much time in finding only a few minutes ago. What a contradiction!

By the time we get to this point, we may have already had an argument with our partner or our children …. Maybe because we are so anxious to reach our destination, we create dark tales in our mind: “I’m going to be late and my boss will be mad, maybe I will be fired. ..” “If it were not for my wife being so late.. dammit! Or maybe she thinks: “if he would help more with the preparation of the meals for the children, we would have made it to their school on time … now our child will fail his grade and is all due to his father’s fault!”

By the time we are finally on our way, we are not talking to each other.  We are so exhausted and agitated that we wish we could just go back to bed and forget everything! This is the time when, no matter where we are, it would be good to go back to that moment in the morning when we feel the space and luxury of not having any responsibility and say to ourselves:

PAUSE…………………………. BREATHE … … … … … … … … … … .. REFLECT

Can you imagine waking up one day and feel calm, happy, happy with your life? That miracle must have happened during the night for you to feel so good. That day you look in the mirror and see a person full of energy and motivation to start the day with joy and enthusiasm! At night your loved ones look at you and see a kind, smiling, compassionate person.. surprise them with a word of encouragement, a soft caress ….

Can you imagine the impact that your positive behavior is around you and in your own body and being? Can you hear your inner voice and believe that these positive messages about yourself are true and real? You are a good person, honest and hardworking. A person whom G-d or the creative forces decided it is worth investing in you.

Live your life as an ordinary person in a common world.  For example, in London it snows. We all have to maneuver in the snow, whether you have a car or take the bus or walk …. It is not what we have, but how we use it!

Can you imagine the day when you feel powerful  and not victim-like? I invite you to reflect – how can I change, or manage the parts of my life that are not working for me in a different way so that I feel inner peace? – What is the dynamic that has operated for many years and now it does not work more …. when is it time to say: “Well,  I am not going along this street anymore, I must find another route I choose to find a different way….”

I invite you to take a big breath and count your blessings, not count on them.