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Adela Gorodzinsky, RP, M.Ed, CCC,CBT, TIRF
Counsellor, Psychotherapist and former Trager® Practitioner
Supporting health care professionals and anyone who cares for his/her own mental, physical and emotional health to nurture and value themselves, balance their personal and professional responsibilities and establish healthy boundaries and connections in their lives.


Trager Mentastics

Are you a health care professional who feels burned out by the competing professional and personal responsibilities in your life? Do you often feel exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically? Do you feel out of balance and like you can’t keep up with all the personal and professional demands on you and your time? Do you long for more peaceful, fulfilling relationships at work and at home?

I can help you:

  • increase your ability to deal with personal and professional demands or stressors mentally, emotionally and physically;
  • feel more energetic and less drained;
  • experience higher levels of creativity and productivity;
  • resolve conflicts more easily; and
  • enjoy more fulfilling work and personal experiences and relationships.

My services will allow you to tell your story verbally while discovering a deeper story presented in your body. Creating a safe environment, I’ll teach you how to acknowledge and name your true emotions, values and beliefs. You’ll clarify and release false and limiting perceptions of yourself and others. In doing so, you’ll get in touch with your own power to change patterns that no longer work, for more effective and life-giving behaviours.

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