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Participants’ Response to Trager

“It feels good to just be and to allow Adela’s hands to do their magic. I feel both relaxed and invigorated after a session”


“I feel very safe in Adela’s hands: they are soft and strong at the same time. I get my best ideas when I am being Tragered”


“Trager is like no other kind of body work. I just love it because I feel so light and clear minded when I am done, it is like nothing bothers me anymore!”


“Bravo, Bravo , I take my hat off for you!  I am just so proud of you and of your professional knowing.  A few hours have gone by since you gave me such a skillfull treatment and I feel wonderful.  Thank you very very much.”


“My body is so pleased, it wants to laugh!”

H.N (2009)

“It was great finally getting to meet you, you did a great job of the course! I found it very grounding for me. You’re easy to be around and obviously good at what you do… this is something I really enjoyed and would like to continue with. I felt a difference in my body in several areas and I really needed work done at that time…

Thank you again for sharing some of your knowledge!”


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