“Electromagnetic cuddles” have you ‘checked – in’ with your body?

Now that the vaccinations for COVID-19 are rolling out – and activities have begun to open up while we are still ‘social distancing’ – I checked in with my body.  We, my body and my ‘Self’, have so longed to talk with, touch, and be touched by others since this Pandemic began.  Yet, there was a sense of stagnation and caution.  “How do I go about this?”, I asked.  I felt the impulse to hug, to let my unbridled joy be expressed when I met my good friends, yet caution held me back:  I felt the ‘stuck-ness’…..

We are surrounded by an electromagnetic force and our organs are constantly pulsing; energy is produced, and is stored in our molecules, the effects of which can been noticed in the brightness of our eyes, the tone of our voice, and our demeanour amongst other ways.

When move to be physically close to another, our individual electromagnetic energies interact with each other forming electric currents, and energy is stored from these electromagnetic ‘cuddles’.  When we interact with others, our molecules move; we produce e-motions, and together we produce an energy that is bigger than the 2, 3 or more of us.

Having been relatively isolated from most people in the world, my energy, like a car that has not been driven for some time, felt like moving in molasses.  What to do?

Bioenergetic therapists use themselves as ‘Therapeutic Tools’ when relating to clients.  We have trained to sense the electromagnetic force surrounding, within, and amongst people.  We facilitate our clients’ e-motional expressions and development, by listening to their story, while observing their body language.  We create movements specifically designed to facilitate the body to get unstuck, to follow its impulse.  Consequently, people can feel more alive and effervescent. 

Adela Gorodzinsky, R.P., M.Ed. CBT,CCC